Intuitive Swedish Massage

Sometimes we just need to relax and unplug for a while. A Swedish massage helps balance the nervous system and aids the body in regeneration. Massage provides a wide range of beneficial effects. A Swedish session generally treats the whole body through a seamless combination of relaxing strokes, stretches, acupressure and energy work.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage takes the relaxing strokes of Swedish techniques and gradually sinks deeper into the body’s tissues, focusing on the relief of tension and pain from specific muscles or muscle groups. Clients with specific pain symptoms often benefit from Deep Tissue or Myofascial Release therapy.

Myofascial Release

Our body is supported by a network of connective tissue called fascia. Fascia surrounds our muscles, organs and bones. When we use our bodies in unbalanced or repetitive ways, our fascia conforms to fit these unhealthy patterns. This results in pain and discomfort throughout the body.

Myofascial Release treats and lengthens the constricted fascial planes of the body through gentle yet deep applied pressure and stretching. The result is a body that feels more open, balanced, and vital.

Orthopedic Massage

This approach deals with specific injuries and pain relief scenarios. An orthopedic session is preceded by an intake period where the client performs simple range of motion tests before getting on the table. Following the session we will discuss ways to keep your body in balance and (hopefully) pain free.

Restorative Energy Work

Unfortunately for Americans, stress seems to be a way of life. More of us are suffering from chronic health problems that can be traced directly to sustained levels of unrelenting stress over time. Energy work is a simple but profound way to allow the body (and mind) to relax and renew itself. Energy work boosts the body’s natural immunity and allows us to renew ourselves at a cellular level. Energy work can be incorporated into other modalities or done by itself. My approach is a synthesis of Reiki, Healing Touch, Hands of Light, and other healing practices.

Mind-Body Balancing

Sometimes a physical symptom comes back over and over again after treatment. Or we have a nagging feeling that our physical exhaustion is not just related to staying up too late. Our bodies reflect the accumulated experience of our lives. Shock and trauma–emotional and physical–are stored in our nervous system if we are not able to cope with them at the time that they occur. Over the course of months, years, even decades, these patterns can seriously affect our quality of life.

Mind-Body Balancing is a form of bodywork that uses gentle touch, energy work, and verbal dialogue to help you identify, unravel and bring conscious awareness to these patterns. This awareness can stimulate our own body’s powerful healing abilities.

For thousands of years, cultures have referred to an inner voice or guide that is present within each of us. Many people feel this as the quiet voice of God in a world of many distractions and challenges. The body is a gateway to contacting this inner wisdom. Through relaxed balance of body and mind we can reconnect with this voice and its restorative power.