“After many years of seeing different doctors who simply treated the symptoms of my neck pain, Brian was a breath of fresh air. He has not only been able to alleviate the pain, he has pinpointed reasons for the pain and made me more aware of things I should do and things I shouldn’t do. As a result, my posture is better than it has ever been, and I am not plagued by the frequent pain I had grown accustomed to. Finding Brian has certainly been a life changing experience, and I can’t recommend him more highly!”

“As a licensed massage therapist myself, I know that when I need a massage
that will make a real difference in reducing my chronic pain, Brian Wingate is
an excellent choice for me because of his well-honed skills, his empathetic
nature, and his calm presence. He’s also an effective teacher, helping me
identify postural issues that contribute to my particular pain patterns, so I can continue to make positive changes on my own.” –K.R., LMT

“I lived with pain from “tennis elbow” for over a decade, and it was progressing almost to the point of disability. I didn’t want to go the route of shots. I am pain free now, thanks to Brian. I go about every six weeks, and I cherish that hour.” –S.W.
“I don’t live in Nashville (yet), but I always tell people that the best massage therapist does. Whenever I’m in town I make time to visit Brian for a massage. He ‘saved my life’ after I ran the Mardi Gras Marathon a few years ago, and I’ve been going back ever since.” –J.T.

“Brian brings a unique combination of skills to the table–his technical excellence, his intuitive presence and his ability to ‘hold the space’ for each individual. In this way, he is able to create an environment where I can relax physically, mentally and emotionally. By doing this, I am better able to receive the benefits of his massage and bodywork. As I come away from the table I am aware of an ease within my physical body and a deeper groundedness or understanding within my Self. I consider myself fortunate to receive bodywork from such a gifted healer.”
–L.W., RN, LMT
“Brian has taken his intuitive understanding of the mind-body connection and applied it to his bodywork with clients, resulting in healing of psyche (mind) and soma (body). He is a kind and caring professional who is well grounded and fun, too.” — C.P., MD
“Brian is fabulous at working even the worst knots out of my muscles. More importantly, he educates me on my body mechanics so I don’t get those knots again. However, my favorite work with Brian is energy work. His ability to create a completely safe environment allows me (and my subconscious) to delve into my deepest issues. Brian then kindly and gently leads me down a path toward healing. The healing process continues long after the actual session has ended. It has been a true blessing to work with Brian.” –C.K.

“In today’s hectic world, finding natural stress management tools is essential to good health. I have found this in the somatic/energy work I receive from Brian. Each time I have a session with Brian I emerge calm, balanced and clear. I am grateful for this guidance in my personal journey.” –R.S., CSCS, PT

“Brian’s healing abilities incorporate a blend of energy work and massage. His sessions have helped me to unleash emotional blocks – some of which I didn’t even know I had!” –E.D.

“Brian is the kind of guy that you meet and instantly feel a little more balanced and grounded, no matter where you’re coming from in your day. He moves in peace and kindness, and those things are expressed eloquently through his bodywork. Brian has really excellent skills, and a beautiful intention to go along with them. I always leave a session feeling met and more aware of both myself and the rest of the world. That’s a lot to accomplish in hour or two, but that’s what he does. I would recommend him to anybody!” –A.P.